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Please read the candid thoughts from some of our agents and managers reflecting on their career with ODIA. We have summarized the testimonials below. To read a testimonial in its entirety, please click the 'read more' link.

"I wasn't looking for another job, I was looking for a career. After working for ODIA for 8 months, I knew this is the last job that I'll ever need." read more

- Jay Sternberger

"Jim's personal wisdom from having been in the field himself for nearly 20 years is a great learning tool that saves countless hours of frustration by eliminating the need to re-invent the wheel! read more

- Severt "Tripp" Peterson

"I have spent years jumping from one company to another looking for that comfortable mix between rewarding work and financial success. ODIA's system made it very easy to go from training to $2,000 a week in a very short time." read more

- Larry Bryant

"I never dreamed I would be making $150,000 a year and have my independence to work on my own. With vested renewal income, it is better than any other sales job -- you have guaranteed income." read more

- John Gray

"I was a bit skeptical about being away from home and Michelle for a few nights a week. It took us a few months to adjust to the change and has eventually even strengthened our love and respect for one another." read more

- Chad and Michelle Spink

"This is a job I can plan the rest of my life around. I'm glad I made the choice to join the Omaha Division Insurance team, not only for myself, but for my family." read more

- David Gregory

"I love being on the road and I don't like working nights and weekends. I enjoy working with people! I love my 3 day weekends and the immediate gratification of getting paid friday morning for all the work I did that week." read more

- Rick Spink

"Before selling insurance, the only ‘commission’ type work I had ever done was, as a kid, mowing lawns, shoveling driveways, and turning in pop bottles. Now, I manage myself, do not wear a tie, or work behind a desk, and will bring in about $150,000 this year." read more

- Joseph Kathrein

"I sought out a career with Omaha Division Insurance Agency and found that the marketing system, ethics, pay structure, management, and staff support - all the elements I was looking for - were in one location." read more

- Terry Cissell

"After losing my previous job in the poor economy of 1979, I answered a small classified ad for insurance sales. Little did I know how it would change my life. I tripled my previous best annual income, bought a house, two cars, and started ODIA all before my 22nd birthday." read more

- Jim Gray
President and Owner