Much has been written about the massive group of people born between 1946 and 1964 known as the "Baby Boomers". They number 76 million strong. Members of this group span nearly twenty years of life and represent a wide range of life stages, life experiences and values.

Many of these people will work a lifetime, doing their best to secure their retirement, only to see their funds depleted by the cost incurred when Medical or Long-Term Care treatment becomes a reality.

Recent articles point out that the "Boomers" really do not have a grasp upon the impact that Long-Term Care can have on them. In a study released by the American Heatlh Care Association, it is estimated that forty percent of Americans will experience the most costly expense in their lives -- long-term-care -- in their retirement years. Despite this, "Boomers" are poorly informed about the coverage they own and what it will cover. Twenty seven percent of "Boomers" think they are covered for Long-Term-Care, but in reality, only six percent of the elderly have this, and very few "Boomers" actually carry this coverage.

Many of these people will work a lifetime doing the best to secure their retirement, only to see their funds depleted by the costs incurred when Long-Term-Care treatment becomes a reality. To avoid using their own funds to pay for these vital expenses, they can opt to purchase Long-Term Care coverage designed to pay these expenses for them.

Waiting, however, until one reached the traditional retirement year to purchase this much needed coverage can increase the cost to these "Boomers" dramatically. Waiting also expands the risk that they will not be physically able to qualify for the coverage due to adverse changes in health condition.

Can you help? You certainly can. The "Baby Boomer" market is there now and it is there for the taking. It is there for the sales people who recognize the tremendous potential this market presents. Do you want a good reason to pursue it? We can give you 76,000,000 reasons to do so!