Start on the Same Pay Scale as a Veteran Agent

The key to your personal success is ODIA's weekly "Sliding Commission Scale" system. You will start out on the same scale as a veteran agent with many years seniority. Let’s talk about income potential.... Personal production of only 7 applications per week, averaging $50.00 per month in premium with an average commission level of 500% would equal a gross income of $1,750.00 per week. And that's with no renewal commissions yet. In addition to your regular weekly advanced commissions, residual or “renewal” commissions can last for many years on each policy you sell! You should expect your monthly renewal commissions to grow by at least $500 per month, per year. So for example, after two years you should be receiving at least $1,000 per month in renewals, after 3 years, $1,500 a month, and so on.

No Other Sales Profession Can Offer This

All of this is simple math, but if you really want to get excited, sit down with your calculator and figure out how much you would earn if you wrote 8 or 10 applications per week in addition to a couple of years renewals. $100,000.00+ per year gross income is very realistic. Although the long term pay off is lifetime vested renewal commissions you could retire on! In other sales jobs, you leave with virtually nothing. There is no other type of sales profession that offers this type of "walk away" income.


If you do not have a current insurance license, ODIA will assist you in obtaining all the necessary licensing needed. You must first have a resident Life/Health license in the state of Nebraska or Iowa. There are several companies that offer home study courses, which will satisfy the state's requirements and prepare you for your exam at the same time. After passing your exam, ODIA will obtain both your NE and IA licenses and appoint you with the individual insurance companies. The entire process takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks. ODIA will fully advance all exam, contracting, training expenses and commissions.


After you pass your exam, we will fully train you in every aspect of our proven marketing system. Your training will last 3-4 weeks. You will ride with one of our managers in the field 4 days a week and do office training on Friday mornings. ODIA will pay you an advanced training commission and travel expenses during the training period. When you have completed your training you will be on full weekly advanced commission. Immediately following your training, you will also be eligible for the $500 "Quick Start Bonus”. As an independent contractor, you will cover your own expenses such as car, food and motel which average about $150 per week, which also creates a fantastic tax deduction!

Read Our Personal Testimonials

Please take the time to read the personal testimonials from some of our agents and managers on the next page. Virtually none of them originally thought of insurance as a career, but now enjoy an extremely secure and lucrative position with all the benefits and freedoms of managing your own career with out any of the big corporate headaches.

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