ODIA is an independent life and health insurance brokerage firm specializing exclusively in the senior market. We have been in business for over thirty years and have thousands of well established customers in both Nebraska and Iowa. We are independently licensed with many of the country’s largest and most respected insurance companies. This ensures our clients have access to the best Medicare Supplements, Long Term Nursing Care, and Final Expense products available.

Welcome to the Omaha Division Insurance Agency

Let’s get one thing clear first, we are not your stereo-typical insurance agency! We market absolutely no traditional lines of insurance, investments or home and auto. And our sales reps are very different from what most people think of your every day insurance agent. This is everyone’s dream job, to have all the advantages and freedoms of being self employed with all the personal and financial support of a large corporation! Please read on…

An Unbeatable Opportunity for Success

Through years of experience, trial and error, and perseverance, we have developed a system of recruiting, training, support, leads, marketing, compensation and advancement that is unheard of for an agent in the senior market today. ODIA offers you an unbeatable opportunity for personal success. In addition, the first wave of “baby boomers” are now entering our market, setting the stage for incredible growth. We have recently constructed and moved into a new multi-million dollar office building and expect to triple our sales force.

Independent Contractors

Our sales reps are hired as independent contractors on a commission basis with a guaranteed minimum annual gross income of $50,000.00! There are no sales quotas. The only requirement is that you average a minimum number of presentations per week, our system will do the rest.

No Cold Prospecting or Telemarketing

If you talk to any person in the insurance business, they will usually tell you that they spend about 90% of there time prospecting and only about 10% of there time actually sitting in front of someone trying to sell something. In addition, cold prospecting is usually what “burns-out” most sales people. We do absolutely no cold prospecting or telemarketing! And we will never ask you to provide us with a list of every friend and relative you’ve ever had to prospect from. ODIA will provide you with at least 40 pre-qualified leads every week, without fail, free of charge. We obtain all of our leads through direct mail advertising and call on only the prospects that respond by filling out and returning a card to us for more information.

A Balance Between Work and Family

Most insurance sales people must work many nights and weekends to be successful. One of the biggest advantages to working in the senior market exclusively is that most of our customers are already retired and at home during the day, so we work mostly banker’s hours. We could easily produce enough leads to work virtually 24-7, but we truly believe in a balance between work and family.

Enjoy an Extended Weekend Every Week

Our agents work only 4 days per week in the field (Mon-Thurs), completely manage their own time, and average 7-10 sales. Advanced commissions are paid “on the spot” every Friday morning and the agents have a true, work free, extended weekend every week. The majority of our customers are within a 3 to 4 hour radius of Omaha and Council Bluffs in the eastern half of Nebraska and the western half of Iowa. You will not have any more airport nightmares, but you must be willing to travel by car about 12 nights per month away from home. You will usually leave town on Monday morning and return home about dinner time on Thursday.

The Only Thing You Do Is Sell

Most of the policies we are currently writing pay an average of 500% commission on the first month's premium. In other words, we are advancing the entire first year's commission when you collect only one month's premium to make the sale. ODIA will provide licensing, training, support, leads, office space, secretarial services, client service, and a proven marketing system. The only thing you need to think about is selling!